Why You Need a Proofreader

Even a seasoned writer and editor needs someone else to cast an eye over a piece before it goes to print.

The saying goes that ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ After hours, days or even weeks or months working on a piece of writing, you’ll find yourself thoroughly fed up with the sight of it, no matter how high the quality. Your eyes are too accustomed to it, and you’re blinkered to any minor errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. It needs a fresh look.

That’s where an experienced, knowledgeable proofreader can help by being the objective outsider to glance through and pick up on those tiny mistakes that tired eyes miss.

The time and budget you’ve invested in proofreading is visible on the page, and that sends a message to your readers. It shows not only that you’re professional, but that you know and care enough for them that you want to give them something of good quality.

Hit publish too early on that blog post, and your potential client might just spy that missing letter and wonder whether you really have the attention to detail they need. But at least a website is editable – worse is if you commit to ink on paper, and that missing comma or stray semicolon will haunt you forever.

Whether it’s a resume, an important letter, a press release, a brochure or a full-length book, show your audience you care and prove you have an eye for detail by including skilled proofreading services in your budget.

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